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Snow arrives in Tideswell Winter 2016!

January 2016 .This week we saw first frost and sunshine...

...then snow arrived and turned Tideswell into a beautiful magical wonderland!

Let's take you on a local walk first thing in the morning in the snow

Our dog explored the first snow next to The Cornerhouse in Tideswell and walked on up past Tideswell's majestic Cathedral of The Peak covered in snow next to our holiday home

Walking on up through the churchyard to Alma Road near the school...

...and down to the High Street near the Market Square...

...turn left to return to The Cornerhouse through Pursglove Road, past the Vicarage and cottages.

Walks along the lanes, footpaths and in the countryside took on a wintry cloak and certainly made for some interesting photography,, creating unusual shapes that maybe before you would pass by.

Take a look here...

Wrought iron, millstones and steps...

Drystone walls covered in frost.

More next week...

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